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Any person might lose one of his teeth or even all of them.  You might do the traditional methods for replacing the missing one. Now with the tremendous development in the field of dentistry, it became possible to replace missing teeth using the roots of artificial of titanium metallic which called by implanting process. It is considered the most stable and most closely resembles natural teeth where a person can speak with the absolute comfortable and confident, eating and chewing food, in addition to its natural form .

Visiting Rimas Dental Clinic will increase your self-confidence during a conversation, and enjoy your favourite food without any concerns or embarrassment.

Gingivitis is sometimes called gum disease or periodontal disease. It is a cause of the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, which may eventually lead to tooth loss, if not treated properly.

Gum treatment is possible in almost all cases by monitoring and addressing layer of germs that accumulate on teeth. The specialist doctor can remove a layer of accumulated germs. The patient must do that twice a year, in addition to ensuring a good teeth cleaning by brush on a daily basis.

Rimas Dental Clinic will make you enjoy strong teeth and

a bright smile without fear or worry

Rimas Dental Clinic provides you the latest technology to complete the nerves and roots treatment process with high and successfully methods

The tooth roots and nerves treatment considered one of the most accurate treatments in the dentistry world. Rimas Dental clinics provides treatment and modern therapeutic ways using sophisticated devices for the treatment of nerve roots in a single visit, using digital radiology

and computer screens to complete therapy safely and accurately.

As a result of neglected tooth, it gets decayed by time. This kind of neglecting leads to the loss the tooth or part of it. In order to maintain the effectiveness treatment as well as the appearance of the Patient, the Specialist determine optimal treatment that fits the patient. whether by  installing bridges, or coating teeth to protect the remaining portion of it .

Rimas Dental Clinic provides you with what you need to bleaching teeth and acquire attractive smile with confidence.

With Rimas Dental Clinic you can whiten your teeth within an hour optical bleaching system and this system gives seven times whiter bright , and it is considered as a number 1 in the world and it is used for patients who want a direct result or do not have enough time to use Whitening System at home.

Whatever your age is, you can get the smile you always dreamed of with Rimas Dental clinic crew

Rimas Dental Clinic crew bring you a smile that you want. You only need to choose the type of the orthodontic and the medical crew will provide you with information, advices and high services.  Rimas Dental Clinics provide you with the latest cosmetic dentistry and therefore provide you with several types of orthodontics

Now you can get a Hollywood smile by having lumineers applied on your teeth with our professional team

Whether your teeth are discoloured or chipped, or moderately crooked, we can apply Lumineers as perfect solution for you.

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